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Oasis de Sangalle on Colca Canyon Hike

3 day self-guided Colca Canyon Hike

At over 3km deep the Colca Canyon is one of the deepest canyons in the world. There’s plenty of tours available from Arequipa which will happily take you into the Canyon, but a self-guided Colca Canyon hike is much more of an adventure.
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Sunrise from Machu Picchu, Hiking Salkantay Trek without guide

Hiking the Salkantay Trek without a Guide

The Salkantay trek is one of the most popular alternatives to the Inca trail. Each day over 100 people make the journey over the Salkantay pass, the majority of whom are in tour groups. In search of a bit more independence and flexibility however we decided to skip the tours and hike the Salkantay Trek without a guide. Read More

Camping spot just after Punta Union Pass, Santa Cruz Trek Huaraz

Hiking the Santa Cruz Trek Huaraz without a guide

The Santa Cruz Trek Huaraz is one of the most popular hikes in Northern Peru for good reason. The trail is one of the best and most accessible ways to see the incredible Cordilla Blancas. For 3-5 days you hike through the valleys created between these 6000m+ snow capped mountains, hopping between stunning campsites and Read More