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Complete Itinerary for Backpacking Galapagos for under $400

With sharks, sealions, giant turtles and crystal waters these iconic islands are high on many traveller’s bucket lists. Backpacking Galapagos on a tight budget however is a challenge. All inclusive cruises are way out of most backpackers’ price ranges and even day tours can quickly add up to a small fortune. Read More

Los Tuneles Galapagos Blue footed boogie

Los Tuneles Galapagos: the best day tour in the Galapagos

Los Tuneles are a series of lava tunnels just off the coast of Isla Isabella in the Galapagos. These incredibly geological formations, made thousands of year ago, where formed when hot lava flowed down from the volcano. The top layer of lava cooled and turned solid whilst the bottom layer continue to flow forming ‘tunnels’.  Read More

El Cajas National Park

Day Hikes in El Cajas National Park

El Cajas is a national park in the southern highlands of Ecuador. In contrast to the green valleys of the Quilotoa Loop the scenery in El Cajas is much more marshy, barren and almost slightly haunting. Read More

Banos Ecuador rafting

Outdoor Activities in Banos, Ecuador

Banos, Ecuador, is an adrenaline junkies heaven! It’s position in a valley at the base of Volcan Tungurahua couldn’t be better for opening up a world of outdoor opportunities. Competition is high amongst tour operators which has driven prices down to a very reasonable level. We have summarised our favourite outdoor activities in Banos in Read More


5 Things to Do on a Rainy Day in Banos

Banos is the Mecca for outdoor activities in Ecuador. Situated high up in the Mountains though the weather cannot be relied upon. Fortunately or unfortunately we had many a rainy day in Banos so we had to come up with some alternative activities. Read More

The Quilotoa Loop: complete route

The Quilotoa Loop is without doubt one of the most beautiful hikes we have done in South America. It is cheap, accessible and easy to do without a guide. We have written a comprehensive overview about the hike here which includes advice about packing, budgeting and accomodation. This post is designed to give hikers a detailed Read More

quilotoa lake, ecuador

Hiking the Quilotoa Loop

With stunning scenery, panoramic views, cosy hostels and delicious food the Quilotoa Loop is a hikers paradise. For some reason, unbeknown to us, it is still much less popular than some of the other treks in South America and remains somewhat of a hidden gem in the Andes. Read More


As capital cities go Quito is a breath of fresh air. At 2850m above sea level it’s the second highest capital city in the world Read More

Hiking Rucu Pichincha

With its ease of accessibility and magnificent city views, Rucu Pichincha is great hike for anyone visiting Quito, especially those looking to acclimatise before tackling some of Ecuador’s even bigger peaks.  Read More